Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence(BI) is set of tools and software which plays a key role in understanding organization data and provide the best information to the organization to make the right decisions. Today, not only large organizations even medium to small sized businesses use Business Intelligence. Companies use BI to cut costs, identify new business opportunities and to improve their decision-making ability to grow the business. Normally the BI systems will allow a company to gather data, store it, then access it to analyse the data to give insights, relationships, patterns or trends.

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Master Data Management


Master Data

Master Data is any information that is considered to play a key role in the core operation of a business. Master data can include data about clients, customers, employees, inventory, supplier’s, transactions or many more. Master data is the heart of every business transaction, report and decision, it is commonly stored and replicated across systems.

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Mapping in Google Fusion is Fun

Google fusion

In this project you will see the steps which involves the process how to achieve the heat map of Irish population based on population of Irish counties according to 2011 Irish census data. It also include where the data was taken and the steps was taken to clean the data for getting the accurate result. There is also other ideas and concept that can be shown in Fusion table.

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